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Develop your knowledge and skills

At Luxor-patisserie pastry school of Athens you start with passion and love to learn if you are an amateur or to develop your knowledge and your technique if you are a professional.

We are willing to teach you and solve your every question about the art we love.

We provide you all the knowledge of confectionery art by giving you precise prescriptions, instructions for making and decorating.

Next seminars

Special travel cakes

31 March 2019

Travel Cakes are sweets, which do not require special conditions for their transportation, for their soft texture, flavor. They are often eaten by hand, on the go, during the holidays, on the beach, on the mountain, on long trips, on the car, on a train, on a boat and is a real moment of enjoyment.In this program we add extra enjoyment inside and a more sophisticated look.Chocolate cake with stuffed nugas and various fruits. Abrasive technique for perfect end result. It is easily cut into portions and is very tasty.Cake with coffee flavor and small pieces of fruit, light and airy. Separated and stuffed with rich cream and coated with chocolate.Small individual financial financier cake from yeast peanuts, internally filled with red fruit pulp, pistache cream and egg nuts.

The seminar will be screened by Tamara Maksimenkova's Pastry Chef and Efi Moisiadou.

Wi-Fi, coffee, snack and light meals are available during your stay.

At the end of the program you will receive a prescription with notes, seminar attendance certificate and demonstration sweets.

✔ Date of the seminar: Sunday 31 March

✔ Place: Luxor Patisserie, Thessalonikis 98A and Patmou, Moschato - Athens, TK 18345

✔ Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, approx

For your participation you can send an e-mail to or and call 210 9573004.

Sweets for events

13&14 April 2019

Repetition in the program for small sweets for events (wedding, baptism etc.), which is generally intended to serve many people. Very tasty and fast sweets in setting up with customization options for every special occasion. The program will be a two day one-day option. We will present 6 different sweets, with the first day ending 3 and the next 3.

Seminar information

✔ Date: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April 2019

✔Time: 8:30 to 16:00

✔ Venue: Thessaloniki 98A and Patmos, Moschato - Athens, PO 18345

✔ Reservations: and call 210 9573004


✔ Constitution

✔ Seminar attendance certificate

✔ Wi-fi

✔ coffee, snack

✔ light meal, juice, soft drink

Hans Ovando

27-28 & 29 September 2019

Hans Ovando Pastry Chef, young abandoned his native Chile and settled in Spain. He worked and trained in well known places and great chefs in the country. Hans Ovando learns quickly, very quickly. His progress is brilliant. Few professionals have gone so far in so short a time. Now the successes succeed each other.                                                    ◇ Wins the title of Spain's Best Artisan Chocolatie ◇ Champion of World Chocolate Masters Spain     ◇ Award winner of the WCM Championship in Paris.                                                                          His hard work and passion left no place for anything but only success. Today he is at head of the new school that he set up, he was at pastry school in Spain and he delivered classes around the world. His great and everlasting love, as he says, from the whole range of pastry is the dough. This love will be shared with us and you will not believe that there are so delicious croissants and danish pastry. You will also be able to book for 27 to 29 September 2019. The program will be 3 days.

Angelo Musa

13-14&15 October 2019

The Executive Pastry Chef  at the luxurious Paris Hotel Plaza Athénée  Angelo Musa presents some of his favorite recipes as well as his latest sweet creations. Each of his masterclasses is created and adorned to boast the breadth of French pastry. cakes, tarts and choux dough, aim to discover and deepen your abilities.

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