Together we will make at the school's lab , your amazing macarons and their fillings.

We will analyze in detail all the possible problems you will encounter and how to overcome them.

For the preparation, curing, maintenance, storage, methods of preparation etc.

Specifically in the seminar will be 3 types of macarons with chestnut, Matcha and rum filling.

Seminar information

Date: 21 November

Running hours: 9:00 am to 16:00 pm

✔Teachers: Tamara Maksimenkova and Efi Moisiadou

✔Address: Thessalonikis 98A and Patmou, Moschato - Athens, 18345

Seminar facilities

✔ Recipes book

✔ Seminar Attendance Certificate

✔ All materials, tools and supplies

✔ Macarons you take with you


✔ Coffee, sweet, snack, bottled water, soft drinks, light lunch.

For more information and reservations contact us at Email: and at 📞 210 9573004